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For body, mind, and soul
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Strengthening your immune system
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Relief for various health problems
Medical products without chemical additives
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Enhance the feeling of wellbeing
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Letzte Einträge

NEW: Cistus Acerola Capsules – with organic cistus and natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry

Published on 08.05.2020

Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and cannot be produced by the body itself. With a balanced nutrition you ensure that the immune system can access the valuable antioxidant. Especially in winter or with increased physical exertion when more is demanded. With the Cistus Acerola Capsules from Weltecke you can cover the additional requirement. More…

New product: Base powder

Published on 08.05.2020

The Weltecke base powder with natural vitamin C and calcium. Ensures the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. The Weltecke base powder also replenishes the body’s magnesium and potassium balance.

If we have aroused your interest, you can order Weltecke’s base powder in our online shop:

The new web-shop is online!

Published on 08.08.2016

In a new design: Welteckes´s online shop!

Since 06.08.2016, our online shop presents itself in a new guise. For more convenience and clarity, we have completely redesigned our shop. If you already had a user account, you can continue to use it. A new registration is not necessary in this case. More…

New in our selection: Organic olive leaf tea & capsules

Published on 12.07.2016

Olive leaf tea & capsules from air-dried olive tree leaves from organically controlled cultivation.

In olive oil and in the leaves of the olive tree, there are active substance called iridoids, one of the iridoids, oleuropein, is present mainly in the olive tree leaves. The olive tree produces this active ingredient to protect itself from insects and bacteria. In this way, it strengthens the resistance of the tree (some ant species use iridoids for defense). Although oleuropein is also found in olive oil, its particularly concentrated in the leaves.  More...

Weltecke´s alkaline organic granulate: New sizes available!

Published on 12.07.2016

The nutritional multi-talent from nature

To heighten the alkaline proportion, Weltecke resorts to nature. The minerals, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, and secondary plant substances bound in plant-form are optimally absorbed by the organism.

Weltecke´s granulate is an alkalinizing special food and compensates for deficiencies which are mainly cause by an acidifying diet. More…

Weltecke´s alkaline gemstone bath, now available in new sizes!

Published on 11.07.2016

Soothing softness for your skin!

What is more important after physical exertion than regeneration? Alkaline foot baths can support the skin´s excretion function and thus contribute to the body´s performance.

The most noticeable effect can be felt with a full-body bath. You can use the new sizes of our famous “alkaline gemstone bath” More…

What´s new: Tea bags with drawstrings – quick and easy!

Published on 01.04.2016

A small revolution for the preparation of high quality teas.

You can now abandon tea strainers, balls, or elaborate filter clips. Our filter bags with drawstrings can be filled and used easily, quickly and without tools. They are made of superfine tea filter paper and are elemental chlorine free. Their compostability makes them particularly environmentally friendly. More...