Weltecke´s alkaline concept

Harmony of body & mind

A coherent acid-base balance is the foundation for the harmony of body and mind. The result is wellbeing that you feel and see. The most important medium for the functioning of individual cells and organs is the fluid in the connective tissue. Nutrition experts also talk about the “ground regulatory system”. The combination of Weltecke´s 49 herbal organic alkaline teas and organic alkaline granulates are an experience for health. An organically certified traditional company for natural pharmaceutical products produces all of the components according to strict pharmaceutical directives.

Balance in sport & daily life

Immerse yourself in the alkaline-mineral relief fluid, feel the benefit of this elixir of life! Whether as the foundation for strenuous exercise or for relaxation at the end of a long day – Weltecke´s alkaline products support an active life.

You can find detailed information to the products of the alkaline concept in our Weltecke shop.


  • Organic alkaline tea with 49 herbs

    The organic alkaline tea helps to rinse the hyperacidity from the body. This clears the inner metabolic pathways. With lots of water or as a fruit spritzer mix, the organic alkaline tea is a reliable companion for sport.

  • Alkaline gemstone bath

    What is more important after physical exertion than regeneration? Alkaline foot baths can support the skin´s excretion function and thus contribute to the body´s performance. The most noticeable effect can be felt with a full-body bath.

  • Alkalinizing granulate

    The herbal substances in the granulates are the basis for a healthy metabolism, they are necessary to keep the body working efficiently. Weltecke´s granulate is an alkalinizing special food and compensates for deficiencies which are mainly caused by an acidifying diet.

  • Organic alkaline muesli

    Start the day alkaline, feel the energy of a well-adjusted acid-base balance. Thanks to its high content in carbohydrates and vital substances, this organic muesli is perfect as a basis for energy-intense activities of all kinds. Stir in high-quality oils when required. The extra calories will give you energy for the day.