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Weltecke´s alkaline organic granulate: New sizes available!

Published on 12.07.2016

The nutritional multi-talent from nature

BasengranulatTo heighten the alkaline proportion, Weltecke resorts to nature. The minerals, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, and secondary plant substances bound in plant-form are optimally absorbed by the organism.

Weltecke´s granulate is an alkalinizing special food and compensates for deficiencies which are mainly cause by an acidifying diet.

Alkalinizing granulate

• is a tasty delicacy
• promotes the regulation of the acid-base balance
• is highly bioavailable
• without preservatives like food coloring or aromas
• without binders and emulsifiers

The alkalinizing granulate is a delicacy. All the ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation and are now also available in the sizes 330 grams and 660 grams.