• 1946 November
    Foundation of the company by Alexander Weltecke in Soest.
  • 1964 February
    Issue of the market authorization to produce medicinal products.
  • 1964 December
    Relocation of the company to Arnsberg-Neheim.
  • 1994 September
    Takeover of the company by today´s managing director Volker Schäfer and relocation to the new premises in Hamm-Heessen.
  • 1998 January
    Integration of Georg Mittag GmbH & Co. KG. As a result, the product range expanded in about 30 quality products from the traditional brand Regulato.
  • 2002 June
    Issue of the organic certification in accordance with EC-ECO Directive.
  • 2005
    Relocation within the industrial area „Auf dem Knuf“ into a newly built production hall with adjacent warehouse and office.
  • 2005 July
    Introduction of the successful Weltecke alkaline concept.
  • 2007 July
    Certification of the company and the quality management according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), i.e. compliance with the quality control guidelines of the production process and production environment in the manufacture of medicinal products and active ingredients.
  • 2009 March
    Acquisition of a forest plot, breeding of male fern.
  • 2011 May
    Acquisition of a further industrial property. The storage capacities were extended and an experiment field was created to breed cowslip.
  • 2012 February
    Launch of a fully automatic capsule filler and tablet press.
  • 2012 September
    Modernization of the in-house laboratory to continue meeting the highest quality requirements.
  • 2013 January
    Acquisition of a property in Apulien (IT) including an olive grove and experiment fields.
  • 2013 February
    Refitting of the heating system and warm water supply to wood-fueled from own cultivation.
  • 2013 October
    Construction of a further new warehouse.
  • 2013 December
    Conversion of the plot of land in Apulien to controlled organic cultivation.
  • 2014 September
    Launch of a photovoltaic plant with an output of 80,5 kWp. Since then, we have been covering our own consumption of energy and with the surplus we feed the local electricity network.
  • 2015 October
    Construction of a second warehouse.
  • 2018 March
    Expansion of filter bag production. Acquisition of a new filling machine for filter bags. This increased our capacities, while the processing is still very gentle and of the highest quality.
  • 2018 October
    Expansion of occupational safety measures in production and storage areas.
  • 2019 March
    Processing of the organic olives from the 2018 annual harvest into high-quality cold-pressed organic olive oil.
  • 2019 July
    Extension of the tried-and-tested alkaline concept by Weltecke to include alkaline powder with valuable vitamin C from acerola cherry.
  • 2019 August
    Extension of the product range with specially developed organic herbal baths.
  • 2019 September
    Construction of a fourth warehouse for the intermediate storage of packaging. The warehouse largely consists of renewable raw materials and was built CO2-neutral.