Pillows, Compresses & Sachets

Cuddly for your health

„Sleep is the best medicine“ is general knowledge. We can only agree with this. We would like to support you in the process of relaxing regeneration – with Weltecke´s pillows, compresses and fragrant sachets. All the pillows are sewn exclusively from pure cotton fabrics. Naturally, we don´t use carcinogenic azo dyes. They are filled with rye, cherry stones, and herbs. This makes them ideal for warm- or cold-therapies. Depending on their composition, they also work without heat or moistening. All the pillows fit perfectly to the affected body parts, have beneficial effects, and alleviate in this way many complaints.

Wellbeing and relaxation

Use Weltecke´s hay-flower compresses for muscle cramps, rheumatism, liver, and kidney problems, or to activate tissue metabolism. As well as this, you can find fragrant sachets at Weltecke. Their filling of hay-flowers and selected natural aromas (for e.g. apple, lavender, rose) conjure a fragrant atmosphere in every room. This is a decisive contribution to your wellbeing and relaxation inside your home.

You can find more information on our pillows, compresses and fragrant sachets in the Weltecke shop.