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New in our selection: Organic olive leaf tea & capsules

Published on 12.07.2016

Olive leaf tea & capsules from air-dried olive tree leaves from organically controlled cultivation.

In olive oil and in the leaves of the olive tree, there are active substance called iridoids, one of the iridoids, oleuropein, is present mainly in the olive tree leaves. The olive tree produces this active ingredient to protect itself from insects and bacteria. In this way, it strengthens the resistance of the tree (some ant species use iridoids for defense). Although oleuropein is also found in olive oil, its particularly concentrated in the leaves. 

In summer, you can also enjoy olive tree leaves tea as iced tea. The tea can be mixed at will with mineral water, lemon juice or fruit juices.

However, if you prefer capsules rather than drinking tea, we also have the perfect solution for you. Our olive tree leaf capsules have the same effect as our tea and offer the same (organic) quality.

The olive tree has been used by man since the 4th millennium BC, its olives mainly used for food, the olive leaves as a remedy. The traditional effects of the olive tree are:

  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • antifungal (against funguses)
  • anti-parasitic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immune-strengthening

If we have aroused your interest, you can order Weltecke´s organic olive tree leaf products at the following link: